This is the basic stripped down infantry soldier. Ten-sided hit dice, full use of any weapons or armor, and the best combat tables combine to make fighting the essentials of this character. Fighters also increase in the number of attacks they get as they gain levels.

Fighters must have a strength of at least 9 and a constitution of at least 7, and benefit from high dexterity as well. A fighter with a strength above 15 gains a 10% bonus on experience. They may be of any alignment.

Fighters have no magic abilities, but may use many magic items, including all magic weapons and armor. They may specialize in any single weapon; weapon specialization is explained in connection with weapon proficiency. They begin with four weapon slots. Among fighter-type classes, the fighter itself is the stripped model, with no special abilities and no special restrictions.

At level 9, the fighter lord may establish a freehold by building some type of castle and clearing the land in an area of a radius of twenty to fifty miles. The fighter will then attract a body of men-at-arms led by an above average fighter which will serve him as long as he pays reasonably and maintains his freehold, and will collect seven silver coins for every sentient inhabitant of the area through trade, tariffs, and taxes.


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