Warrior Priest Grinkas Stoneside-Devan

Dwarf Fighter/Cleric


Ginkas’ story is a complicated one. He was born a bastard son to Ardamal Stoneside, a renowned mount armor smith.

Grinkas grew up in a loving home environment, but the his dwarven kinsmen could not be counted in this. From a young age, Grinkas dealt with contempt from both the other young dwarven children and also the adults of his clan.

As soon as he was able, Grinkas set off on a journey to find a new people. Which he did in the form of the Devan clan. He proved himself a worthy fighter and was accepted into the clan to start his training as a cleric of the mountain.

Grinkas found love amongst the Devan people, but it was not meant to be. She died giving birth to their son. The son died a day later. The Devan people said it was due to heartbreak over the mother’s death.

Grinkas became grief-striken and decided that he could no longer live amonst the Devan people and that it was time for him to move on to his next great adventure. The loss of his wife and son changed something in Grinkas. Grinkas started making up stories about his wife being upset with his adventuring and she is waiting for him at home, but obviously upset with him always being gone. Grinkas copes with the loss of his wife by pretending she is still around. Grinkas uses humor and goodwill to cope with the loss of his family.

Now he is looking for a new ‘family’ to call his own.

Warrior Priest Grinkas Stoneside-Devan

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