Zepel Imperium

On the western side of the continent of Roden of the world of Ur in the lands known as the Stormlands there was once the greatest human empire the world has ever seen: the Zepel Imperium. From city of In Zepel the Lud Dynasty ruled over the a large expanse of Western Rodinia for over 1000 years until the collapse of the imperial line.

The Zepel Imperium was formed when Kaen Jaegar of In Zepel solidated what was then an amalgamation of fiefdoms, city states, and large undeclared forests and mountains (the region of Metan) into a cohesive fighting force in order to defend against the Cull barbarians of the Northwest, the Orcs of the Northeast, and the Hu raiders from the East. It took 15 years to expel the invaders and after finding peace Kaen Jaeger Imperator was named permanent Imperator by the jords and kaens of Metan, founding the Zepel Imperium.

After Imperator Jaegar I the Unconquered the Imperium was ruled by his successors for the next 1000 year. There were highs (Imperator Kit I the Great defeating the Sharwan Ungrut at the gates of Tithe) and lows (Imperator Paul II the Younger’s castration and death by an angry mistress).

All empires end eventually and with the death Imperator Paul II the Younger the Zepel Imperium shattered. With no heirs Paul II left the Imperium in disarray. As the source of the Imperium’s power was stability. With that gone the most powerful of the old city-states began to secede.

Reeds and In Zepel have stayed united due to the power of the church and the vows of the Order of Metanica but the remainder of the more powerful regions have declared independence. Tithe has returned to its status as a city-state and multiple fiefdoms have formed in the Northwestern regions. In the Northeast, even though they no longer recognize the crown (as there is no Imperator) the lands are still united, though this is mainly due to the constant threat of Orc and Hu raids.

The order of Metanica is an active participant in keeping the alliances that formed the Zepel Imperium active. The order view complete disunion as the harbinger or chaos and death. The Gersheram also work to stifle the fallout as well since a united land allows them to move easier between monasteries and makes it easier for them to enforce their ancient pacts.

Zepel Imperium

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