Stormland Classes

While all of the classes have a based form that designate their focus and flavor some have narrative features that change depending on the setting. Below are the adjustments for a few of the classes found in the PC’s Handbook. If the class isn’t listed below then it does not have any changes.


From the leaders of death cults to adventuring exorcists, many priests and wise men are just con-artists and fanatics. Some do connect to Divine power however and these are clerics. With cloudy but otherworldly power, clerics guard their secrets or threaten their own existence by being labeled as heretics. Some use this power to create miracles and help others. Some create cults to forbidden beings best not mentioned. All have beliefs though that create a deep faith however.

Clerics tend to interact with society in the same way you tend to see in standard Pulp Fantasy such as Conan: regardless of their morals they tend to isolate their religions into cults and keep to themselves as a group but individuals sometimes still go out and make names for themselves.


Magic Users

Just as clerics need to guard their powers so do magic users. Though in this case it may be more due to personal greed and societal suspicions. Magic users tend to keep to themselves and rarely does one find more than a master and disciple together.


All Monks belong to an ancient order that guards ancient sites throughout the Imperium. They are not a part of the political machination of the Imperium but still have close ties to the Order of Metanica.

Most recruits are male humans though there are occasionally half-elves and female humans.

Men and Women are separated into two factions, the Brothers of the Mask and Sisters of the Veil. This is to prevent the chance of Monks betraying their oaths by mingling with the other sex.

Paladins Paladin.jpg

All Paladins in the Imperium belong to the Order of Metanica. They are separate from the ordinary knights of the land.

The Order, in addition to being a bastion of Good and Law, is also the spiritual defender of the Imperium. All Sons and Daughters of the Order are bound to defend the realm. They, however are independent of its armies and only answer to the Emperor. This is still the case despite the throne being empty.

Paladins are the embodiment of all that remains of the former greatness of the Zepel Imperium. Their order strives to keep the the city-states from falling into disarray and keep them allied together in case a foreign kingdom/empire attempts to invade or there is another Shiran from the Eastern Hordes.

There are two titles associated with the Order of Metanica that are in addition to those found in the PHB:

  • Les: a title that is given to a Paladin that has done a deed (usually in battle) that exemplifies the ideals of the order. This is the order’s version of Sir.
  • Saint: The leader of the order. There is only ever one Saint alive at any one time.

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Stormland Classes

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