Curate Lyra Essan

Human Cleric


Lyra is the second daughter of a wealthy noble family in Tithe. She had a fascination with flames and a strong interest in serving the Mother and the Father ever since she was a young girl. Her mother viewed her love of fire as a sign that Lyra was “the Devil’s child.” Her parents sent her away to a nunnery to be raised – hoping the close presence of the Mother would purge their daughter of her love of fire. Her parents supported her schooling and boarding at the nunnery by offering substantial financial support.

Lyra remained at the nunnery for twenty years, learning more of about her faith and how to defend herself with a mace (as all the sisters did at the nunnery). Lyra believes that her gods speak to her through the fire and give her strength and direction on how to move forward.

While residing in the nunnery, Lyra realized she could ask the Mother and the Father for assistance to heal burns and wounds and protect others. This was not a skill known to any of the other sisters. Lyra never mentioned her healing powers to the sisters in fear they would again label her “the Devil’s child.”

On her twenty fourth birthday, the sisters notified Lyra that her family’s financial support was decreasing, and she needed to decide whether to join their order or leave to make her own way. Lyra had not seen her family in twenty years, and she decided to pay them a visit in Tithe. The night before she left for Tithe, the Mother and Father told her in flames ithat her long journey would start on the road.

Curate Lyra Essan

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