Keeper Jayne

Human Paladin


The sixth son of a minor noble house, Jayne knew from the beginning that his life would be one of service. He joined the Order of Tyr (I think, I don’t remember what it’s called) at the age of 14 and took his vows on his 18th name day to uphold the legacy of the old Imperium. While not a warrior of great renown, Jayne was frequently commended for his loyalty and devotion to the tenets of the order.

Eight years into his service, Jayne was placed under the command of Chevalier Valen Toss, who was tasked with putting down a gnome revolt which had captured a keep in an old imperial city. Chevalier Toss was known to be a very effective and pragmatic military leader, but some questioned his methods which skirted the edge of morality. At the height of the revolt, after 7 months of siege, Toss threatened to execute gnome men, women, and children prisoners until the gnomes surrendered the keep. Jayne was seriously disturbed by such bluff he considered evil and dishonorable until he realized Toss was not bluffing.

Jayne confronted Toss at his war tent that night and pleaded to Toss to abandon his mad plan to slaughter civilians to end the siege. Toss flew into a rage and accused Jayne of treason. He threatened Jayne with execution for insubordination and drew his sword on Jayne. Jayne defended himself, trying to fend off Toss and retreat from the tent . Unfortunately, during the course of the fight Jayne accidentally killed Toss.

Jayne, realizing the import of his actions and full of remorse, immediately turned himself over to the order for judgment. Due to his reputation as a good and honest man and the testimony of witnesses who overheard the fight, he was exonerated of the crime.

Despite his exoneration, Jayne still felt the need to do penance and requested a position where he would not be required to take up the sword. The order granted him his wish and assigned him duty as a scribe of the order, where he has worked loyally for the past thirteen years.

Keeper Jayne

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