Oleandrea (Dre) the Strider

Human Ranger - NPC (Henchman)


She wields a scimitar, long bow, two hand axes, and a broad sword. She also uses a medium shield.


Dre has dedicated her life to roaming the wild and dangerous lands hunting and passifying those creatures that would threaten the lives of common folk. She has picked up enough orcish and ogre in her hunting and dealing of giant savage humanoids to become fluent. She also speaks elvish.

Her trusty hawk Tetseer is her only constant companion. However, on occasion she will partner up with others to take on particularly pesky enemies.

Although she is young, she is covered by the scars of adventure, survival, fighting, and dealing with savage tribes. She pays little attention to her appearance and since she spends so much time on the road that she is usually covered in a layer of grime and would be called unkept if she didn’t pay painstaking attention to her weapons and armor. She is direct and awkward in conversation, but loves to learn of people and their adventures.

Oleandrea (Dre) the Strider

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