The Stormlands

Session 8

Troubles in Tithe

Since the moathouse outside Hommlet was purged of evil the party has returned to Tithe. Along the way the prisoner bandits were handed over to the council of Hommlet for judgement and the captured merchants were freed to go along their ways.

Upon reaching Tithe, the group was able to sell their treasure for the average going rate and report to the Viscount the the Order of Metanica.

Les Trelain called a war council to decide what to do about what appeared to be either a new or resurgent Cult of Elemental Evil. After questioning the party and discussing the situation it was decided that the party would enter the remains of the old Temple the cult used long ago to effectively hit a precision attack on the Cult.

Little did the party know that there was a traitor among them. Azekiel Lite had been approached by an assassin for the Cult asking for assistance. In return the assassin promised him hidden knowledge relating to the infamous Annun, once a god of the elves and creator of liches.

Azekiel agreed to her terms and that night as the party slept the assassin struck. She attempted to take out Lyra but fortunately her attack missed its target. The assassin attempted to escape but the party was soon upon her.

The assassin held them at bay until Azekial appeared and threw a fireball at Keeper Jayne.

Confusion struck the party. At first, thinking that Azekiel missed they continued they assault on the Assassin. It was then that the party realized Azekiel’s betrayal. He cast another spell draining more life from Jayne. Jayne, Gad, and Markus turned and attacked Azekiel to prevent his treachery from going any farther. The rest continued to attack the assassin who was fighting a losing battle.

Soon the assassin fell and Azekiel was almost dead. He then said one last insult to Jayne and vanished…


Herrbie Herrbie

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