The Stormlands

Session 7

Moathouse Blitz

After resting from the crayfish attack the party decided to explore the remaining wing of the dungeons.

Moving down a long hallway they found themselves outside a single door. They flung the door open to be greeted by six guards and their sergeant eating dinner. Everyone paused for a moment in surprise only for the party to recover sooner and launch at the guards in attack.

Jayne attacked first, attempting to cleave the closest guard eating. Unfortunately the guard still had his wits and managed to duck in time. Loquen lodged an arrow into another guard in the middle of the table while Azekiel caste sleep on the guards, causing the first two guards to fall asleep instantly.

Dre and Markus then entered the fray, Dre missing against the guardsmen with an arrow in his shoulder and Markus missing against another guard. Gad then began to volley arrows but missed widely.

Lyra then came to the assistance of Markus, battling the same guard but landing no blows. Dre also had assistance from Dog who was unable to get a clear bite on the guard.

It was then that Jayne stepped up to Dre’s assistance, administering the first kill. Azekiel was then able to put another guard to sleep. Loquen then killed one of the guard and injured another.

Dre and Markus moved to attack the injured Guard but were unable to land any blows. Loquen launched two more arrows, one of which hit the Sergeant in the chest.

The Sergeant then entered the battle. He charged at Dre, swinging his morningstar. Dre was able to see his attack in time though and dodged it with ease. This however allowed an opening for the remaining guard who was able to slash Dre with his longsword.

Dog then lunged at the Sergeant biting deep into his arm while Lyra attempted to hit him as well but missed.

Then, Jayne jumped onto the table and lunged at the Sergeant, his sword stabbing deep into his chest. The Sergeant fell to the ground in a puddle of blood. The rest of the party turns to face the remaining guard, who is able to get a warning call out before Gad put an arrow through his skull.

Another troop of guards accompanied by another Sergeant entered into the room. behind them then came two more figures, a tall brute of a man wielding a longbow, and a handsome man with flowing blond hair, brilliant full plate armor, and an evil black cloak.

Jayne charge the handsome man, missing with his first swing. Loquen managed to hit one soldier with an arrow and Azekiel attempted to do something with his hands though it didn’t come to much.

The guards then began to swarm on Jayne. Dre, Markus and Lyra, seeing this attempted to relieve Jayne of the pressure. Dre assisted with the handsome man (who reveiled himself to be a cleric), Markus attempted to distract the burly man, and Lyra took on the Sergeant.

At this time Dog began to slay the sleeping men.

Two guards moved away from the main group and charged Loquen and Gad. Both missed the archers who in turn slayed both guards.

It was then that the tides of the battle turned. The group was able to take out the guards one by one while Jayne held off the cleric and Dre held off the burly man. Then only, the Sergeant, the burly man, and the cleric remained. Then the burly man dropped his sword.

Lyra distracted the sergeant while Gad charged, scooped up the burly man’s sword, and stabbed him in chest. The burly man did not fall however and after a few more backs and forths Gad was able to lay a killing blow with the assistance of Dre.

Lyra then abandoned her fight with the sergeant and ran up to the cleric who was distracted by Jayne. She then dowsed his cloak with oil while Azekiel ran up flailing a torch. After a few failed attempts Azekiel managed to light the cleric’s cloak causing him to feel the bern.

Then, seeing an opening, Loquen used his cloak of elvenkind to move silently behind the cleric and began backstabbing him. the cleric, distracted by Jayne and the fire, was not able to spot Loquen in time, or at all.

Lyra moved back to the sergeant and managed to kill him in a single blow.

That left only the cleric. As the party moved in on him he attempted to boost himself with spells. Before he could finish however, Dre came up and landed the killing blow, decapitating him where he stood.

Upon defeating the final bandits, the party gathered their belongings, the freed merchants, and the remaining captured bandits and head first to Hommlet and then to Tithe to sell their goods and report on their findings.


Herrbie Herrbie

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