The Stormlands

Session 9

What just happened with that door?

The party, rested up after spending the night on the road, arrived at the Temple of Elemental Evil.

The grounds looked deserted but upon exploring them the party soon found itself besieged by giant crows (due to a certain party member shooting at the crows with his bow). Trying to flee the crows the party ran to an abandoned tower, only to find it locked and used by a group of bandits. Hi-jinks, shenanigans, and death occurred leaving the party with a base of operations while they explore the temple.

Having killed the bandits the party’s attention turned to the temple itself. The main door was sealed with powerful magical runes but the two doors flanking it were locked normally. Gad spent a good deal of time trying to break down the door, all while a good portion of the party was able to get into the temple via the window.

Now the party has entered the temple itself. What lies within?


Herrbie Herrbie

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